Standard Business Cards:
Take your inspiration to reality.

Looking for a simple way to make custom Standard Business Cards? BreathEasy is here to help. We can design a business card for you and your business.  Working with your own design? We will pair you with a design and a layout to create a signature look for your Standard Business Cards. Whatever your need, we’ll work with you until your custom creation looks just right. Ready to get started? Terrific – so are we.

Some Standard Business Card Samples

We will design your card to meet your business needs.  

Standard Business Cards

Standard Business Cards

Traditional 14 pt paper stock cards available in matte, glossy and more. 
Standard Business Card
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 100 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 250 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 500 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 1000 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 1500 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 2000 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 2500 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 5000 qty
3.5"x2" Standard Business Card 10000 qty

Square Business Cards

Add some dimension to your design with a stylish square card.
  • Measure 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Work as product tags, coupons & more
  • Available with most paper stocks
  • 3 paper thicknesses: standard (14pt), premium (16pt) or premium plus (18pt)
Our square business cards (2.5" x 2.5") have a look and feel that sets them apart from standard shapes. They’ve got a great layout for showcasing your logo or product shot, and they help give your company an interesting, creative vibe. Plus, the compact size makes them a great option for product tags, coupons, product instructions and more. You can get square cards with most of our paper stocks or even with rounded corners.
Square Business Cards
Add $9.00 to the price calculated above

Business Card Styles

Premium Business Cards 
A high-quality, specialized stock 16 pt paper stock cards available in matte, glossy and more.

Add $7.00 to the price above by quantity.  
Premium Plus Business Cards 
A noticeably thicker, heavier paper.  18 pt paper stock cards available in matte, glossy and more.

Add $16.00 to the price above by quantity. 
Rounded Corners
Quarter-inch rounded corners add a modern touch.

Add $6.00 to the price calculated above.
Embossed Gloss Business Cards
Make your design pop with layers of thick, shiny gloss.
  • Spots of raised, glossy printing on a matte front
  • Easy-to-write-on matte on the back
  • Great for highlighting logos, names & more
  • 2 paper thicknesses: standard (14pt) and premium (16pt)
Raise the bar – and your design – with embossed business cards. (Also called spot UV business cards or 3D printed business cards.) The special finish gives your text, logo and visuals a can’t-miss shine. But more importantly, the raised printing creates a unique, 3D texture. These attention-grabbing cards are a great way to make your business that much more memorable.
Use embossed gloss on up to 75% of the surface of your card, and make key information and images that much more memorable.

Add $13 to the standard business card price. 
Foil Accent
Be extra eye-catching with foil accent business cards.
  • Shiny, metallic foil on the front
  • Matte, easy-to-write-on back
  • Best for high-contrast designs
  • 2 paper thicknesses: standard (14pt) & premium (16pt)
Ready to go from standard to stand-out? With foil accent business cards, you can add a metallic finish to any part your design, whether it's your company name, logo, text or design. Plus, it beautifully complements bold text and high-contrast colors. Start by choosing one of our templates or upload your own. Then, use the accents to help create an eye-catching, memorable look.

Add $13 to the standard business card price. 

Paper Textures

Soft Touch
Choose this distinctive and durable paper for an elegant look and feel.
  • Double-sided “velvet” lamination
  • Durable 16pt paper stock
  • Best for colorful designs
  • Square & rounded corner options
Looking for a new way to set yourself apart? Soft touch business cards (also known as velvet business cards) help you create a card that looks – and feels – different. We’ll print your design on bright-white paper with a unique, double-sided “velvet” lamination. The result is a unique card that’s softer, more durable and more memorable than you might expect.

Add $16 to the standard business card price.
Give your cards a shimmer that makes your business shine.
  • Shimmering, light-catching surface
  • 16pt paper, with a smooth & polished feel
  • Best light colors & simple designs
  • Square & rounded corner options
With pearl business cards, you get an eye-catching look that’s both strong and stylish. The special paper adds an unmistakable sheen to your design, making your card – and you – hard to miss. Upload your own design or choose from a set of templates designed specifically for the glittery pearl paper. Either way, you’ll be ready to impress.

Add $16 to the standard business card price.
Add elegance to your design with lightly patterned linen paper
  • 13pt fine Italian paper
  • Textured surface
  • Handcrafted look & feel
  • Square & rounded corner options
Looking for a subtle (but stylish) way to elevate your business card design? Linen business cards may be just what you’re looking for. The lightly woven texture looks and feels a little different, without distracting from your design or information. In standard, square or rounded corner options, these cards quietly command attention. The easy-to-write-on surface makes them great as appointment cards, too.

Add $16 to the standard business card price.
Ultra Thick
Rise above ordinary with our thickest, heaviest paper.
  • New print process improves trimming & durability
  • 32pt, as thick as a credit card
  • UV glossy paper stock
  • Best for bold, minimal designs
Ultra thick business cards are the right choice if you're looking for a sturdy, durable card with extra heft. These thick cards are similar to a credit card – about twice as thick as our standard paper stock. Plus, the high-quality glossy finish will make your design pop, and give your card a superior feel. These heavy cards are great for reinforcing the image of strong, bold businesses. Ready to make statement? Start designing your thick stock business cards today.

Add $23 to the standard business card price.